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TravelingtheSacredLandscape is both fact and fiction. The facts are clearly written techniques on giving a woman oral and manual sexual pleasure. These methods are given with illustrations as well as descriptions that are both erotic and easy to understand. 
The book uses the enjoyable fiction that this is an ancient sex manual uncovered at an archaeological site. This fiction is a fun method for bringing ecstatic sexual techniques of oral and manual sex to the pages. This is not a novel about an archaeological dig. Traveling theSacred Landscape simply embeds the instructions in a poetic, graphically rich book that adds a unique and creative twist to the presentation. 
The Yonee culture is the fictional background for the manuscript. Some who have read the book have not realized that the Yonee are a fictional creation for conveying these beautiful instructions and have wanted to learn more about their way of life. All who have read the book have enjoyed the beauty of the instructions and the sensuality of the graphics. The graphics are similar to the ones on this website.
No other book creates such a fascinating mystique nor such rich detailed instructions for oral and manual stimulation of a woman. You can enjoy this inspiring book first as a fiction with subtle humor laced throughout then go back and explore the many techniques. There is a deep respect for the ecstatic and spiritual experiences a woman can have as a result of this joyful play. You'll read and reread this book as you find the humor, the eroticism, and the gratifying teachings illuminating.
This book will appeal to both women and men who are opening up to their sexuality and their spirituality. You will enjoy the link between sexuality and spirituality and the joyful approach to exploring them. In clear, poetic, respectful and affirming terms it describes and illustrates sexual techniques. TravelingtheSacredLandscape teaches women the joy of surrendering to pleasure and men the pleasure of giving joy.
I have added a bonus story that can be found by clicking this link The Age of Sex. Enjoy. 
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  • SACRED LANDSCAPE - the genitalia of a woman
  • PEARL - the clitoris
  • HOOD - the upper cover of the clitoris
  • FOLDS OF THE ROBE - the labia minor
  • VALLEY - the area between the vagina and the clitoris
    We know the fire of the dragon burns in man and woman. We know the juices of the dragon flow through each of us. These new people want to slay the dragon. Their hero tales tell of long dangerous journeys to kill the dragon to recover treasure or to earn the maiden. We do not believe you can truly slay the dragon nor would we want to. We seek to befriend the dragon as one does the wild, the untamable. We seek to ride with the dragon. Sometimes directing, sometimes going along for the ride.
       Ta Soltan ar Korte - consort trainer
    You must commit to memory the Sacred Landscape and its parts. Yes, you have seen it many times in the temple pools and the gymnasium. Now you must know it better than you know your face in the shiny copper plate or than you know the many lanes in the Meditation Garden. This will also be your garden and you must know its many paths. . . . . . . You might wonder why the female can achieve such high, sustained ecstasy. We believe woman is the beginning of all and that man comes from woman. This is meant not simply from birth but that the female is the template for all life. When we look at our animal and insect neighbors it is the female that is the focus and center. Oh, yes the male may make a lot of noise and show all kinds of colors but it is the female that is the amber stone drawing life to itself.
    Encourage your partner to sing. Encourage her to open her mouth, to loosen her throat, to let her vibrations turn into sound. Some women are shy to let the sounds of their pleasure fill the air. Some of us are born turned inward and quiet. This is a path for them to find their voice.

        Stiffen and point your tongue flicking it decisively up the Valley to the bottom edge of the Hood. Do this with the end of the tongue. This should be done with varying pressure and varying speed. Stroking of the valley may bring a singing from the throat of the woman.

    This is a simple idea. If it feels good to your lips, your tongue, your mouth then it will feel good to your partner. This knowledge does not come from your head. This knowledge comes to your head from your lips, tongue and mouth as they feel the moistures, the heats, the textures, the gliding, the control of your movement in a giving way.
    The Pearl is the pleasure gift of the divine to women and through women to their consorts. The Pearl will sing. It will lead you with your partner along many paths to the Grand Waterfall. It will open to both of you the domains of the cosmos that lay beyond orgasm. A gentle blowing of air on the face of the woman; a steady pressure on the curve of the Pearl; a vigorous stroking by the tip of your tongue each and all will be the wood, the flames and the sparks rising in the air of a great bonfire. Too often the beginner dives straight for the Pearl. Ah, wait. Stoke the fire, build the desire, sing the opening phrases before bringing in the chorus. Your beginning, your ending, and all in between can be anywhere the dance pulls you. Simply remember there are many ways to play in the Sacred Landscape. Explore, feel the textures, breath in the the warm moist smells of womanhood.
    With the very tip of your tongue outline the hem of the Hood. Your tongue just barely touches the Pearl. This is a wonderful aching sensation. It calls the Pearl forth. Gently move your tongue so that it is stroking the arch at the top of the Hood.

    The Pearl is marvelous. There are so many fun ways to play with it. She has so many shapes as the woman flows along the paths of ecstasy. Each woman has her own wonderful shape. The Pearl sits at the top of the Sacred Landscape, as the moon rises at the crevice of the Yonee Valley. Some times we must simply sing her song.

    The traveler may experience the connection of all things in many different, hard to describe ways. It may come as forms blending and transforming from one to another as if the Pucker flower flowed into the shape of the Calling Flower only to transpose to the lovely shape of the Green Pearl flower. It may come as an experience of many common things appearing only as if a smokey outline surrounding the spark of the White Light. It may come as if all things were water in a sea of water; each a thought held together by Will and Focus alive in this sea. It may come like being in a hall of many large copper mirrors. Here time is the beat of variation each scene in the mirror is a slightly different path of occurrence yet all are the same.
    Your play of fun and joy will bring an awakening. This awakening will be more than the sensitivity of your body. It may bring a deeper knowing of yourself. Your partner will also experience an awakening to knowing more of herself. It is important for you to understand that the fire of ecstasy may bring powerful learning for your partner. Being open to this possibility is an important part of the unfolding that ecstasy brings. Here we share a part of the knowledge taught to young girls at the celebration of their menses.
    THE TALE OF QA'TU - A Yonee folktale
    It was in the whisper of gentleness that Et Tua and the other women began to travel. The White Light of Being became a doorway to unknown and undescribable experiences. It is hard now with so many generations of traveling behind us to realize the amazement and glory of the beginning. Et Tua and Lot Sa excitedly explored these new sensations. Lot Sa quickly learned to find the silent, gentle wave of traveling. And so they traveled and learned and shared at the fire what they had learned.
    AWAKENING by Halle Mer (an adopted Yonee woman)
    I am learning to trust myself and my body to sing in pleasure. This is so important for me to realize. That all my old history has separated me from my body and my pleasure; created fear and distrust. I did not know there was a distance because it was all I knew. I have lived in a world of a numbing unwavering sound. I was not deaf, I simply could not hear, should not hear. Surrendering, my body becomes music for me to enjoy and glory in.
    MY EXPERIENCE of TravelingtheSacredLandscape by Raven Tone (one of the archaeological researchers)
    Letting go - It seems so easy, looking for the fun, sharing the pleasures. But the letting go is not so easy. First the physical, we are used to showing our bodies, but for the traveling, for these pleasures, it involves exposing the most private parts of your body. There is a letting go in opening your legs and allowing even the most hidden parts of your body to be seen and explored. These are parts that we ourselves do not easily see and we needed to be willing to let our partner explore them and help us learn about our own bodies. That involves trust, a willingness to explore and go beyond, and letting go. It is well worth it if your partner is trusted and willing to play.
    JOURNEY AND CONNECTIONS by Robert Touchstone (main translator)
    My needs, my roles, and my possession of a magic wand all limited me. They limited my experience of the wonders of the human body, both mine and my partnerÕs. They limit my openness to being met as a real person with a real history and with a real body. They limited my knowing that life is a sexual, sensual experience in every meaning of the expression. They limited the awareness that all I touch in the many ways of touching, touch me back.
    THE SACRED LANDSCAPE WELL TRAVELED by Mary Welling (a partner of one of the researchers)
    Some travel time is indescribable ecstasy of oneness with all. Some times there is a clear experiences of multiple possibilities and I as I am exist in one of them. Some times the travels are filled with learnings that I can bring back and share. They are often mixes of each of these and more. Always there is a wonderful pleasure. The Yonee have given a wonderful gift. So few of us have experienced the Grand Waterfalls. So few of us have experienced many Grand Waterfalls. So few of us have truly experienced the spirituality, the sacredness that can flow from ecstasy. The Yonee have given us a gift that allows many of us to experience some of this beauty. I celebrate this*


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