TravelingtheSacredLandscape gives very specific instruction on giving pleasure to a woman using oral and manual techniques.  Below in simplified form are reasons why this ecstasy is attainable by women.

The whole area of the woman's vulva is finely enervated.  The male is primarily enervated in a line running up the back of the penis.  The greater and more finely enervated vulva offers both  many ways to play and it offers many possible pressures for the tongue, fingers and penis. There are various sources supporting this information:
This website gives the original research info-  or you can go to the webpage on this site that is a copy - clitoris.html 
The chapter "The Well-Tempered Clavier" in Natalie Angier's book Woman - An Intimate Geography gives good information (mention of either of these sources does not imply endorsement of my book).
In the box below is the description from TravelingtheSacred Landscape

The male is intensely sensitive in a very narrow region of the penis.   This intensely sensitive area when stimulated brings explosive release.  . . . . . .    We have not found it possible to achieve the multiple experience or the prolonged ecstasy of the female.  The male achieves this by riding the wave of the female.
To understand the difference imagine the vulva rolling inward so that the legs of the harp wishbone join together at the sensitive center of the penis.   All the sensitivity that radiates out from the wishbone is concentrated.
For the woman the area between the legs of the wishbone are filled with strings of sensitivity to be played like the strands of the harp.  The song of the harp flows out to the Mounds of Pleasure and echoes back.  For the woman all and each part of the Sacred Landscape is a grand musical instrument that gives us access to great pleasure and dimensions of the cosmos.

The clitoris is the focus of many manuals and descriptions of pleasuring a woman.  A few of them recognize that the clitoris is not just a beautiful, hooded pearl sitting at the top of the vulva.  The clitoris is a highly ennervated structure shaped more like the harp that is found in the book.  Legs of the clitoris travel down along side the labia minor and are a joy to stimulate with your tongue.


Traveling the Sacred Landscape applies an intimate knowledge of the vulva to pleasuring a woman.  The book is written as a fictional manuscript, but the physiology and experiences of pleasuring a woman are all based on the best information available both from anatomy and from experiences.  Below is the fun and poetic terminology used with the vulva.


Although this is a book that teaches techniques in a poetic and fun way it is not a book about performance. The book cautions against expectations. Throughout this book there is an atmosphere and promotion of mutual acceptance, caring and respect. The techniques taught are very powerful, they are not to be used for power over. They are for power with. If they are misused there is an old saying that holds sway, 'what goes down, comes around.' Below is a quote from the cover letter written by one of the ancient trainers. It was found with the manuscript.
"We know that there will be those who when finding this lore will wield this knowledge as they would any tool. This will bring additional and great sorrow. For those few that do not need power from outside themselves the gift of these teachings will be great. As they learn so will others find peace."

Additional information will be added as it is discovered in the literature and on the internet.  I encourage you to seek this information.  This information can bring you great joy whether you are a woman or a man.


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